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Board Network – Since it´s foundation in 2012, The Danish Professional Directors Association has been the leading forum for mutual inspiration between experienced board members. Recently, we have also developed a membership for those who are new to the board work. 

At Board Network, we have been leading in setting/appointing the agenda for good board work for more than a decade and have always been among the first to identify and articulate new trends in the board and corporate governance area. 

We offer various channels for inspiration and development, large conferences, smaller roundtable meetings, Danish and international webinars, frequent newsletters and our own quarterly magazine, Board Perspectives. Furthermore, we publish a global board survey every year, where the latest edition included responses from as many as 1,800 board chairmen and board members from a total of 79 countries.

The Danish Board Conference 2024

”Creating a World-class Board/CEO-relationship”

“Den Store Danske Bestyrelseskonference 2024 – ”Creating a World-class Board/CEO-relationship”

Board Network’s upcoming conference will be held on Wednesday March 13th 2023 at 11am – 6pm under the team

“The Danish Board Conference 2024 – ”Creating a World-class Board/CEO-relationship”




Wednesday March 13th 2024 ”Creating a World-class Board/CEO-relationship”  

Wednesday May 29th 2024     “Boards’ Value-creation in Scale-up Companies”

Tuesday September 11th 2024     “The Impact of AI and Other Technologies in the Boardroom”


We frequently publish new research, board surveys and white papers for the benefit of our members and other stakeholders.

Our goal is to help companies and organizations as well as their management to navigate through changes, to grow the business, increase diversity and to establish the best practice within corporate governance and board leadership.