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As a member of The Community, you´ll get access to our largest member forum with more than 300 members, whereas the majority has board experience from the top 200 companies.

Here our member meetings are a conference format and as a member you automatically get access to the three annuals, closed member conferences and the Great Danish Board Conference.

Our themes for the conferences are incredibly broad, but it is the unique network relationships and not least the highly experienced speakers, both Danish and international, who with their inspiring speeches make our conferences something very special.


We launched our smaller roundtable groups, The Chambers, in the summer of 2020, and right from the start these groups have been a huge success.

The target group for The Chambers is those who sit on the active boards and would like to meet like-minded people.

We make use of some of the most skilled network facilitators within board work, and through articles, studies, cases, role plays and, not least, mutual member sparring, give members the opportunity to constantly acquire both new general inspiration and concrete individual sparring.


In 2021 we launched our newest initiative; Bound for the Boardroom.

The target group for Bound for the Boardroom is those who have worked at C-level, are on the threshold of their first board position or who have just been given their first position.

Here we give you an insight into all facets of board work – but also a lot of inspiration to find your way into the board room through sparring on your board profile, building your board brand, access to headhunters and “active owners” as capital and venture funds, and not least, mentoring sessions with some of the country’s most experienced board chairmen. Bound for the Boardroom is not another boardroom training – but a practically focused development forum for ambitious board candidates.


As we want to ensure the right match and level in the groups, we always insist on a personal dialogue before we send an official invitation.

Feel free to write to us and we will contact you as soon as possible!

Contact Patrick Nielsen directly for a dialogue about Board Network